Called to Plant?

(or unsure of your fit)

Think you might be called to plant a church? It's not for the faint of heart. It can be lonely and discouraging, and stretches most people beyond anything they've done before. It exposes and amplifies both your strengths and your weaknesses in a setting where spiritual warfare is rampant.

Seeking to Affiliate?

(with a church planting ministry)

It's vital that you find an affiliation of like-minded, church planting leaders who can encourage, equip, and challenge you and your spouse during the journey. Most networks and denominations are looking for church planters, possibly you! But are you compatible?

Discover Your Fit!

(prepare an application to plant)

PlanterApp is a tool to help you discover your strengths, weaknesses and compatibilities with church planting ministries. PlanterApp aggregates all your assessment results into an online dashboard. You work your way through modules at your own pace.

Submit your application

PlanterApp produces a comprehensive application / portfolio of results for use in applying for church planting positions. You can submit the application directly within PlanterApp to participating organizations or you can print and email your portfolio of results as part of your application to other ministries.

...discovering and pursuing God's dreams

Create FREE Account


Your FREE account takes less than 2 minutes to create. Your unique username and password ensures your information remains secure with you! When registering, select an organization to seek affiliation with. Selecting "Independent Planter" will allow you to create a portfolio of results that can be submitted to other organization upon completion. Click here to register your free account.

Complete the Modules


Your online account includes numerous "modules" to be completed at your own pace. The specific modules are dependent on the organization you seek affiliation with. The "Independent Planter" option includes more modules simply because it creates a general, all-purpose portfolio of results rather than the unique modules needed for a specific ministry.

Use Your Results


PlanterApp integrates your completed information into a comprehensive church planting application. After completing the required modules in your account, forward your completed church planting application to the ministry you are seeking affiliation with. If you are an independent planter, use your comprehensive portfolio of results with the organizations you pursue affiliation with.


  • FREE
  • Self-paced
  • Easy to use with intuitive online interface
  • Account availble anywhere you have web access
  • Create a comprehensive, standardized church planting application
  • Discover key themes in your life
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover what God has gifted you to do
  • Discover your compatibility with leading planting networks and denominations
  • One-click submission of planting application to applicable networks / denominations